Defamation | Part 1

In today’s online, interconnected world, reputations that have taken years to establish can be damaged irreparably within minutes. The consequences are costly, from lost revenue to lost opportunities and embarrassment. It is important to act quickly to minimise damage to your reputation and we are here to help. What is defamation? Defamation is the publication […]

What Is Your Property Status?

Unless you live on a boat, or are homeless, then your occupation of property, however temporary, has some form of legal status: Occupation without permission – this makes you a trespasser or a squatter and liable to be sued. In most of these cases, you are at risk of criminal and civil prosecution. The family […]

Tackling ‘Russophobia’ in the UK

Despite programmes like McMafia and rising tensions between Russian and western governments, the UK continues to welcome Russians. However, there is no doubt that the general attitude towards all immigrants to the UK has hardened after Brexit. As a law firm, we see discrimination in two main areas. The first is in financial services, such […]

Long leases and short-term lets – have you been tempted?

There are many who occupy property under a lease, for whom the temptation of making some extra money whilst they are not at home is therefore, all the more attractive. In the case of Bermondsey Exchange Freeholders Limited v Ninons Koumetto (as Trustee in Bankruptcy of Kevin Geoghehan Conway) (2018), the terms of a 999-year […]

Is your business struggling financially? Could you be guilty of wrongful trading?

The attraction of being a director of a limited liability company in the UK is the legal protection from personal liability when your company fails, provided you acted reasonably, responsibly and within the law. So should companies facing uncertainty and financial difficulty continue to trade whilst insolvent?   A company is insolvent under section 123 […]

Possession – Landlord and Tenant Law

As every landlord knows, the biggest fear when letting out a property is that a tenant suddenly stops paying rent and is not contactable, whilst you still have to pay a mortgage without the income you relied on to pay it. As soon as this happens, landlords want to take the property back, so it […]


What is Public Nuisance? Public nuisance is traditionally a criminal offence and is an unlawful act or omission that endangers or interferes with the lives, comfort, property or common rights of the public. Though a criminal offence, a public nuisance can also give rise to a civil claim for damages. What is Private Nuisance? Private […]