Is it possible to divorce a missing husband or wife?

There are many reasons why couples drift apart and sometimes the end result is that the couple continues to be married even though they no longer live together and do not consider themselves to be in that relationship anymore. It often happens that neither spouse really cares exactly where the other is until one of […]

Introduction of no-fault divorce confirmed by Government

The UK Justice Secretary David Gauke has announced that he will bring forward legislation to introduce no-fault divorce.  The new system should end the blame game between couples as the proposals for changes to family law include the following in regards to divorce proceedings: irretrievable breakdown of a relationship will remain the sole ground for […]

A beginners’ guide to divorce

If you are contemplating divorcing your other half, it is important to understand that divorce is not always what we expect it to be. Unfortunately, quite often majority of us misunderstand how separating and divorce works, which might cause additional stress and difficulty. Bearing in mind a few things about the process can be really […]

Prenups – do you need one?

What we call a ‘prenup’ is actually a contract signed between two people before they get married (a prenuptial agreement) detailing how their marital assets will be split if they divorce. There has been a notion for a long time that prenups are somehow unromantic, but the reality is that a relationship breakdown is quite […]

Leaving the Family Home

You may have read in the news recently about Christina and Mark Rotondo of New York who went to court to evict their 30-year old son who was refusing to leave the family home.  Similar problems are occurring here. 25% of people aged 20-34 are still living at home. So, what happens when a family […]