References and Employment Law

Employers often receive reference requests for former employees and, similarly, make requests of other former employers. References are now an essential part of recruitment. So, what are your obligations and how far should a reference go? Recently, a former administrative assistant of Clarity Family Law Solicitors, Sameena Usmani, was in the spotlight after going to […]

Illegal Labour Practices: Are you being paid?

Illegal Labour Practices: Are you being paid? This week, the Resolution Foundation thinktank published some analysis with shocking findings of illegal working practices across three key employment rights in the UK, namely: Paid Holidays: around 1 in 20 workers report receiving no paid holiday entitlement, despite being legally entitled to at least 28 days a […]

Social Backgrounds and Work – does class still matter?

Earlier this week, Frances O’Grady, the head of the TUC (Trades Union Congress) called for Parliament to outlaw discrimination against working-class people at work, calling for companies to report any gaps in pay between workers from different social backgrounds. She issued a challenge to politicians to outlaw “discrimination against working-class people”, following a study by […]

Working Time – Are You Keeping Records?

The Working Time Directive (WTD) sets out rules governing working time across EU Member States. This includes the entitlement to daily rest breaks (11 consecutive hours per 24 hours) and weekly rest breaks (24 consecutive hours in each 7-day period). The WTD also sets a maximum limit on average weekly working time to 48 hours. […]

Employment Update: Restrictive Covenants | Part 2

In our article published 6 February, available here, we discussed restrictive covenants and the case of Tillman v Egon Zehnder Limited (‘EZL’). On 3 July 2019, the Supreme Court handed down its judgment (available in full here) in what is the first employment competition case to have reached the highest court in the land in […]

Settlement Agreements

What are they? A settlement agreement is a legally binding contract between an employer and an employee that settles claims the employee may have against their employer. When are they used? Normally they arise at the end of an employment relationship but they can also be used at any point to settle a dispute or […]

Employment Law and Brexit

With the deadline for Brexit looming, in this article we explore what changes will take place to employment law when we leave. Whilst the UK may opt to diverge from EU employment law, changes are unlikely to be immediate on the point of Brexit, nor extensive, because: Most EU employment law has already been brought […]

Employment Update: Restrictive Covenants | Part 1

It is a long-standing principle of English law that no person can be restrained from earning a living. However, ‘post-termination restrictive covenants’ are an exception – provided the employer has a legitimate business interest (such as clients, staff and confidential information) to protect, and, the protection sought is no more than is reasonable to protect […]

Employment Law – Update

Employment law is always changing and keeping track of it is a difficult task for employers and HR managers across the UK. Here are some important changes from 2018: Brown & Another v Neon Management & Another The High Court held that resigning but working through a lengthy notice period can mean an employee affirms […]