Defamation | Part 1

In today’s online, interconnected world, reputations that have taken years to establish can be damaged irreparably within minutes. The consequences are costly, from lost revenue to lost opportunities and embarrassment. It is important to act quickly to minimise damage to your reputation and we are here to help. What is defamation? Defamation is the publication […]

Settlement Agreements

What are they? A settlement agreement is a legally binding contract between an employer and an employee that settles claims the employee may have against their employer. When are they used? Normally they arise at the end of an employment relationship but they can also be used at any point to settle a dispute or […]

Directors vs Shareholders

Disputes can arise in a company for many reasons, such as: the direction and development of the company; poor personal relationships; conflicts of interest (when one director has interests in another business); the terms of a directors’ service contract; or, concern over whether the board is meeting its legal responsibilities. The resolution of these disputes […]

Part I: Are you owed money?

In the UK, if you want to recover a debt, there may be several options available to you. These will depend on: Who owes you the money (a company or an individual) (known as the ‘debtor’); Where the debtor is located; How much money you are owed; How long you have been owed the money […]

What Is Your Property Status?

Unless you live on a boat, or are homeless, then your occupation of property, however temporary, has some form of legal status: Occupation without permission – this makes you a trespasser or a squatter and liable to be sued. In most of these cases, you are at risk of criminal and civil prosecution. The family […]

Tackling ‘Russophobia’ in the UK

Despite programmes like McMafia and rising tensions between Russian and western governments, the UK continues to welcome Russians. However, there is no doubt that the general attitude towards all immigrants to the UK has hardened after Brexit. As a law firm, we see discrimination in two main areas. The first is in financial services, such […]

Deprivation procedure of British Citizenship

Last week we discussed why and how British citizenship can be nullified by the Home Office. This week we will take a closer look on deprivation procedure of British Citizenship. The procedure of the deprivation of British citizenship is strictly regulated and must be in accordance with section 40 of the British Nationality Act 1981. […]

A beginners’ guide to divorce

If you are contemplating divorcing your other half, it is important to understand that divorce is not always what we expect it to be. Unfortunately, quite often majority of us misunderstand how separating and divorce works, which might cause additional stress and difficulty. Bearing in mind a few things about the process can be really […]

Nullification of British citizenship

The new data from Home Office shows that since 2013 hundreds of British citizens have unlawfully lost their citizenship. According to the Freedom of Information request, there were 262 cases of nullification of British citizenship from 2007 to 2017, of which 176 happened in 2013. In December 2017, Supreme Court in overwhelming majority decision, found […]

Employment Law and Brexit

With the deadline for Brexit looming, in this article we explore what changes will take place to employment law when we leave. Whilst the UK may opt to diverge from EU employment law, changes are unlikely to be immediate on the point of Brexit, nor extensive, because: Most EU employment law has already been brought […]