Employment Law – Update

Employment law is always changing and keeping track of it is a difficult task for employers and HR managers across the UK. Here are some important changes from 2018: Brown & Another v Neon Management & Another The High Court held that resigning but working through a lengthy notice period can mean an employee affirms […]

Buying Crypto-Currencies

At LF Legal we receive many enquiries about crypto-currencies (also known as ‘coins’ or ‘tokens’). We believe they are here to stay, because they are such a useful financial tool. If buying coins remember: You are speculating, not investing: coin have no guaranteed minimum value. They don’t pay dividends or interest. They are not a […]

Is your business struggling financially? Could you be guilty of wrongful trading?

The attraction of being a director of a limited liability company in the UK is the legal protection from personal liability when your company fails, provided you acted reasonably, responsibly and within the law. So should companies facing uncertainty and financial difficulty continue to trade whilst insolvent?   A company is insolvent under section 123 […]

What are trademarks?

Trademarks are a means for one party to distinguish its product or services from another. They can take many forms including names, words, signs, colours, slogans, logos or shapes. Trademarks are registered for specific goods or services within individual subjects, known as classes. When you register your trademark, you will be able to: sell and […]

Cryptocurrency – Legal or Not?

As lawyers, we have advised clients, both companies and individuals, who have set up cryptocurrency related businesses or wanted guidance about cryptocurrency related matters. As an increasingly popular area of business, the legal and regulatory framework is still being developed. We aim to help our clients make informed decisions and guide them to achieve their […]

Crypto-currencies – what is the latest?

The UK’s House of Commons Treasury Committee recently published a report regarding the current and future regulation of crypto-assets in the UK. The report flags risks such as high price volatility; hacking of crypto-asset exchanges; poor market liquidity; market manipulation and a lack of investor protections. The report discusses these areas and indicates the Government’s […]

Employment – Summary Dismissal

Losing your job in any way is a difficult matter, especially so when you have to leave straight away, without notice. Summary dismissal is when an employee is dismissed instantly, without notice or payment in lieu of notice. It normally takes places because an employer considers an employee has committed a ‘gross misconduct’ offence. What […]